Friday, April 15, 2011

Glass Gifts - Native Language

Glass Gifts (@glassgifts) - Native Language
Label: none
Cat#: None
Format: Digital
Released: 22 March 2011
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop, Funk/Soul
Style: Instrumental, Funk, Downtempo, Glitch

Richard Cupolo (Glass Gifts) has been recording and mixing since his early high school days using cutting edge digital tech, increasing his skills and knowledge with each new tool of the trade and track of the day. Self-taught from the start, he released his debut solo effort on October 15th, 2010 to much critical acclaim. He followed this full length release with his highly popular remix of Crystal Castles' "Not In Love" ft. Robert Smith of The Cure, which was showcased by Crystal Castles on their website. His first performances were at three 2010 CMJ NYC events in the fall of 2010, where crowds were struck by his unique performance style and professional flow. He currently employs a combination of funky electronic dance groove samples, old school raps, driving beats, and massive synths spliced and glitched with the help of a Monome and performed/recorded live

1. Dive Off The Sun 04:17
2. Tabletension 03:12
3. Hush 03:59
4. Autonomy And Orange Juice 04:27
5. Bronx Roses 03:57
6. Drea Dont Care 04:18
7. Spiders 03:16
8. Let It Pass 03:47
9. Chucktown 04:25
10. Forward Afterthought 04:13
11. New York Blues 04:24
12. Of Destiny 03:39

You can Free download Album from Bandcamp page or buy from iTunes; Amazon
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